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Books: Mrs. Tependris: The Contemporary Years

Mrs. Tependris: The Contemporary Years Why I am recommending this book:

The adventures of a socialite art collector -- now who wouldn't want to know more about that?

This is a tongue-in-cheeky, fun book that, unlike the world that it examines, doesn't take itself seriously at all. The illustrations are great. Guaranteed for at least a giggle.

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Mrs. Tependris-the eccentric, dramatic, lovable, and awardwinning brainchild of artist Konstantin Kakanias-is seeking to find greater meaning in her life. In doing so, she becomes obsessed with her personal liberation and the art of creation and, as a consequence, makes a foray into the world of contemporary art. This colorful, stylish, and irresistible volume chronicles her journey with great insight and humor. Page after page, Kakanias' whimsical, beautiful art and calligraphy document the couture-wearing Mrs. Tependris' madcap adventures and comments on the work of some forty noteworthy artists in contemporary art. Interspersed throughout are pages that are dedicated to Mrs. Tependris' quest for self-understanding and move the story forward, whether on the phone with a friend or having flashbacks to her time with Andy Warhol at the Factory. Ultimately she discovers that she too is an artist and, in fact, that we are all artists, creators of our own happiness. At once informative, entertaining, and visually stimulating, Mrs. Tependris will delight those with an interest in contemporary art and fashion, while her dramatic adventures and life-affirming story will endear her to readers from all walks of life.

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