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I am always looking for fun and creative ways to entertain. Real Simple Celebrations offers new and fun ways to throw a party without a lot of hard work.

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If only it were as simple as popping open a bottle of Champagne. But as every hostess knows, life's myriad celebrations, whether they come in the form of a big holiday blowout or a small birthday party, require planning and effort to pull off. And in the midst of all that hors d'oeuvre making and centerpiece arranging, it can be easy to lose sight of what you are actually celebrating (whose birthday is it, anyway?). Real Simple Celebrations is filled with smart solutions to take the hassle out of entertaining. Each chapter is dedicated to a different occasion such as Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, a child's birthday party and guides you every step of the way, from inviting the guests to cleaning up after they've gone. With its handy checklists, foolproof game plans, practical advice, and truly doable ideas, Real Simple Celebrations will make all your parties a lot easier to pull off. So you can stay focused on what you're celebrating and, more important, why.
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