American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau

Books: American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau

American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau Why I am recommending this book:

The subject matter is not only timeless, but timely -- Being GREEN, going GREEN, thinking GREEN, GREEN is the new black - GREEN is what we are talking about these days.

American Earth captures the thoughts, beautifully expressed, of some of America's best writers, on the subject of our environment. Whether you are already committed to GREEN or on your way to discovering what all the fuss is about, this book is just a great read. A must have for your personal stack!

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In his introduction to this superb anthology, McKibben (The End of Nature) proposes that "environmental writing is America's most distinctive contribution to the world's literature." The collected pieces amply prove the point. Arranged chronologically, McKibben's selection of more than 100 writers includes some of the great early conservationists, such as Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and John Burroughs, and many other eloquent nature writers, including Donald Cultross Peattie, Edwin Way Teale and Henry Beston. The early exponents of national parks and wilderness areas have their say, as do writers who have borne witness to environmental degradation-John Steinbeck and Caroline Henderson on the dust bowl, for example, and Berton Roueché and others who have reported on the effects of toxic pollution. Visionaries like Buckminster Fuller and Amory Lovins are represented, as are a wealth of contemporary activist/writers, among them Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Pollan, Paul Hawken, and Calvin deWitt, cofounder of the Evangelical Environmental Network. McKibben's trenchant introductions to the pieces sum up each writer's thoughts and form a running commentary on the progress of the conservation movement. The book, being published on Earth Day, can be read as a survey of the literature of American environmentalism, but above all, it should be enjoyed for the sheer beauty of the writing.
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