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Grace (Eventually) Why I am recommending this book:

Anne Lamott offers a refreshing perspective on ordinary life. She connects the dots between living life everyday and believing in something that is bigger than you, and she does it in a way that will leave the reader feeling relieved from a self imposed need to seem perfect.

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Publisher Comments:

The world, community, the family, the human heart: these are the beautiful and complicated arenas in which our lives unfold. Wherever you look, there?s trouble and wonder, pain and beauty, restoration and darkness - sometimes all at once.

Yet amid the confusion, if you look carefully, in nature or in the kitchen, in ordinariness or in mystery, beyond the emotion muck we all slog through, you'll find it eventually: a path, some light to see by, moments of insight, courage, or buoyancy. In other words, grace.

Anne Lamott knows and lives by this belief, most of the time. In Grace (Eventually), her brilliant new collection, she recounts the missteps, detours, and roadblocks in her walk of faith.
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