The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq

The Assassins' Gate : America in Iraq

The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq Why I am recommending this book:

A friend, who has just returned after having served in Iraq, suggests that this book gives a most accurate account of what this war is like from the Iraqi perspective. Plus, it would be weird at this point, not to talk about this war.

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Packer has a genuine instinct for what the Iraqi people have endured and are enduring, and writes with admirable empathy. His own opinions are neither suppressed nor intrusive: he clearly welcomes the end of Saddam while having serious doubts about the wisdom of the war, and he continually tests himself against experience. The surreal atmosphere of Paul Bremer's brief period of palace rule is very well caught, but the outstanding chapter recounts a visit to the northern city of Kirkuk and literally "walks" us through the mesh of tribal, ethnic and religious rivalry. The Iraq debate has long needed someone who is both tough-minded enough, and sufficiently sensitive, to register all its complexities. In George Packer's work, this need is answered.

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