The Good Life

Books: If it ain't broke... BREAK IT!

If it ain't broke... BREAK IT! Why I am recommending this book:

Because sometimes it's necessary to shake up the status quo!

If you can get past the 1980's attire on the front cover, you will be well on your way to being inspired to further think outside of the box. Whether at work or at home, in your business life or when it's downright personal --

shift some paradigms and produce some new results!

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"Robert Kriegel and Louis Patler provide an interesting look at Conventional Wisdom and how it applies to business as usual. The focus of this book is to give a business manager "permission" to challenge the status quo in order to make paradigm changes. This book can provide insights into professions outside of the business community. Educators can benefit from the numerous examples of challenges to Sacred Cows that inhibit change that could enhance the educational opportunities for all students. This book empowers the reader to be creative in seeking solutions to everyday problems. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a jump-start in looking outside the box make his/her workplace a more productive environment." n divides the essays by theme—heart, mind, soul, voice and body—and while the individual pieces shine, the overviews of each topic provide thin explanations for why they are grouped this way. Overall, however, this is not a matter of great concern. Quindlen's columns speak for themselves, loud and clear."

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