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Rachel Carson was a revolutionary. In 1962, with the publishing of her findings in Silent Spring, she changed the way that we live by raising our awareness of toxic dangers. Remember DDT? Yes you do because it is still on the shelves! I can remember when I first found out that it was harmful to living things. I was surprised (and still am) that it was still being sold - for people to use!

Read Silent Spring as a personal wake up call and consider that it will arm you with the kind of information that will change your life for the better.

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Silent Spring, released in 1962, offered the first shattering look at widespread ecological degradation and touched off an environmental awareness that still exists. Rachel Carson's book focused on the poisons from insecticides, weed killers, and other common products as well as the use of sprays in agriculture, a practice that led to dangerous chemicals to the food source. Carson argued that those chemicals were more dangerous than radiation and that for the first time in history, humans were exposed to chemicals that stayed in their systems from birth to death. Presented with thorough documentation, the book opened more than a few eyes about the dangers of the modern world and stands today as a landmark work.
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