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Books: Blessed Unrest: : How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

Blessed Unrest Why I am recommending this book:

With all of the tragic circumstances and negative events, worldwide, our sense of optimism is continuously being threatened; our sense of well being is consistently being assaulted.

Blessed Unrest exposes the fact that we are experiencing a global trend toward genuine grassroots humanity. Hawken shares what is right with the world and leaves the reader with a profound sense of hopefulness.

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Hawken (Natural Capitalism) traces the formation of the environmental and social justice movement from the beginnings of natural science across years and continents in this rousing and "inadvertently optimistic" call to action. Though it's argued that globalization; extinction of species, languages and cultures; and economic policies advantageous to the rich have degraded quality of life worldwide and engendered large scale feelings of fear, resentment and powerlessness, Hawken remains surprisingly hopeful. Strength, he contends, lies in the many thousands (if not millions) of nonprofits and community organizations dedicated to environmental protection and social justice that collectively form a worldwide movement geared toward humanity's betterment. A combination of history, current events, motivation and vision for the future, Hawken's book does a lot of work in its relatively few pages, though his perspective comes across in some passages as naïve (the thousands of protestors at the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization meeting merely wanted to "hold WTO accountable"). The book isn't likely to convert members of the World Bank, but readers already sympathetic to Hawken's position will find much here to chew on.
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