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Books: The New Basics: A-to-Z Baby & Child Care for the Modern Parent

The New Basics: A-to-Z Baby & Child Care for the Modern Parent Why I am recommending this book:

Michel offers a smart and important perspective on medicine -- or not medicine, as his case, thankfully, sometimes is. He offers a fresh perspective on promoting health for children. He's also Gussie's pediatrician and so I can personally vouch for how wonderful his advice is.
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"Pediatrician Michel Cohen delights in offering anxious parents unconventional wisdom about children and toddlers: "less medicine is often the best medicine." Following an A to Z format, Cohen successfully skewers myths about every aspect of childcare. Using generic case kids "Lucy" and "Jimmy," and "real questions from real parents" he offers a compendium of health care information. Whether talking about behavior (bed-wetting, thumb sucking, school anxiety), symptoms (green mucus, earwax or eczema), or prevention (immunization, vitamins, toothbrushing), Cohen's approach is fresh and his tone is wise and wry--when discussing the drawbacks of medication for carsickness, he suggests that the best remedy is a plastic bag. Consistent core beliefs underline Cohen's alphabet: Doctors should not medicate all ills, antibiotics weaken natural immunity, you can't spoil your baby, but you can spoil your life. This practical, enjoyable guide is limited only by its short A-Z format--the information is so clear and valuable that parents will surely want to hear more from Dr. Cohen." --

"Essentially a user's guide to babies and young children, Cohen's book makes parenting sound as simple and straightforward as changing a light bulb or fixing a broken screen door. By no means comprehensive, the book provides simple and reliable information on health care for the under-12 set. Cohen, a founding member of New York's Tribeca Pediatrics, is something of a celebrity pediatrician, and his book has a slightly hip feel to it: it's done in a clean layout, with snappy sidebars featuring "real questions from real parents" and little symbols near many entries specifying what age group the advice pertains to." -- Publishers Weekly

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