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Pink Flamingos Why I am recommending this book:

I enjoy beautiful things. This book is full of gorgeous photos and insightful commentary about these creatures who seem to know they possess something uniquely lovely. They inspire me to pay more attention to the beauty that surrounds...

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"Imagine an open expanse half a mile long by a hundred yards wide absolutely packed solid with pink birds raised on long bright red legs above the surface of green water..."--Leslie Brown, The Mystery of the Flamingos

On the alkaline lakes of Kenya and Tanzania live 3 million lesser flamingos and 50,000 greater flamingos. As shown in this breathtaking book, the sight of a half-million of these beautiful, strangely aristocratic birds clustering together like a bed of gigantic chrysanthemums is awesome. The author expalins that the volcanic Great Rift Valley where flamingos are found is one of the harshest places on earthits boiling, corrovsive, and foul-smelling lakes are certain death to any animal foolish enough to drink from them--yet it is home to East Africa's pink birds. In their remote setting, flamingos inhabit a world of their own that has long puzzled naturalists who have tried to unravel the mysteries surrounding these birds, which will suddenly appear in countless thousands, delight us for a while, and disappear again just as swiftly.

Carlo Mari's exquisite photographs have captured the fleeting grace and fascination of flamingos, and Nigel Collar's knowledgeable text offers insight into their curiously enchanting world. They combine to make Pink Flamingos a superb gift for bird and nature lovers and a volume that belongs in every naturalist's library.

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