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Eating fresh and eating organic is fundamental to living well. But, not everybody has the luxury of easy access to farm fresh, organic food. Diamond Organics delivers what you want, anywhere you are - fresh!

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Since 1990, Diamond Organics has been the nation's premier source for farm fresh all-organic food, with guaranteed nationwide overnight home delivery, fresh from beautiful Monterey County on California's central coast.

Why Organic?
Organic farming practices build sustainable soil fertility which deeply nourishes plants, giving them more concentrated, intense flavor and nutritional power. When you buy organic, you support a growing family of people whose goal it is to provide the tastiest and most nutritious food available, now and for generations to come.

Freshness, Flavor & Convenience. Guaranteed.
Every day we work directly with organic farmers along California's Central Coast, which is renowned for its mild year-round growing climate and deep, rich soil. When possible, we try to expand the season for our organic produce by working with certified organic growers in Mexico and South America. Our farmers often harvest produce the same day you place your order - whether you do so by phone at 1-888-ORGANIC (674-2642), fax (888 888-6777) or online. We then expertly pack your order and send it out for next day delivery so that you receive food that's unsurpassed in freshness and flavor, all-organic, and totally guaranteed.

Browse through the web site as if you were grocery shopping. Order online using our secure server shopping cart, or call or fax our friendly order department with your organic grocery list before 1pm Pacific and we'll send your order out that same day for next day delivery.

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