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New, great, interesting stuff is popping up every second. navigates through all of what is out there in new music, books, art, film, theatre and emails its findings directly to your inbox.

Save time. Be informed. Have fun.

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Flavorpill filters cultural happenings and delivers its findings to subscribers via free, graphical emails. Beginning with a music-based events newsletter sent to a few hundred New Yorkers in October 2000, Flavorpill now distributes nine publications to more than 225,000 subscribers in more than four cities in the US and London.

Founded by Sascha Lewis and Mark Mangan, who continue to lead a team of talented writers, editors, producers, and technologists, Flavorpill is committed to helping you get off the couch. Beginning with an idea of providing a diverse, weekly list of quality events in New York City, we have since expanded to San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and into the genres of music, fashion, books, and art.

Now more than 300 Flavorpill writers and editors go out to hundreds of events every week, flip through endless stacks of CDs, click through gigabytes of webpages, read piles of books, and trade emails with a constant stream of connected peoples around the globe to bring you nine, free filtered emails of cultural stimuli.

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