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Because I love the convenience of being able to instantly find out about - just about anything! Read articles, watch videos, even form chat groups on this site that combines the fun of social networking with the satisfaction of learning about all kinds of stuff!

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What would you like to do? Tie a tie? Kiss on a date? Lose weight? Negotiate a raise? Win Every Time in Monopoly? The eHow database of over 500,000 articles and videos can help you. It's the world's most popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything.

Every month, over 26 million people visit our site. We have more than 300,000 articles that are professionally written with clear and concise directions on how to do things. We also have a rapidly growing library of articles created by eHow's members.

We love sharing our knowledge with the world and have created a platform for you to share your knowledge with others. We invite you to become an eHow member, where you'll be able to comment on articles and interact with other members through a robust set of social networking tools. You can even write your own How To articles with our easy-to-use publishing tools that let you express your knowledge through text, images, and video.

eHow's community is changing the way people share and learn information. Join today!

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