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Why I am recommending Dumb Little Man:

Because it offers practical, provocative and often wise advice and allows readers to contribute their own tips and tidbits! And, because it’s a good idea that I wish I would have thought of myself!

From the Website:

Hi. My name is Jay White and no, I am not some professional development guru, I have not (yet) written any books and I have no alternative agenda aside from learning and sharing.

I started Dumb Little Man one night after realizing that my free time had vanished after the birth of my second child. Well, at least that's what I use as the milestone that led me to believe that I had a ton of issues.

Like many of you, I have a real world job that has its positives and negatives. I also have the typical pains that you'd associate with middle-class America: raising a family, increasing housing and fuel costs, stress at work, bad bosses, etc. - you name it.

When Dumb Little Man was born, I would personally write about these experiences and their solutions. As my career expanded and as this site grew, I had a tough choice - either close DLM or accept that you, the audience has something substantial to share. I quickly decided that sharing info trumped the ego boost of being the sole writer on DLM. There simply is no master of everything so there is no value in claiming to be one. Therefore, I opened the door and now allow anyone to share stories or publish tips and advice. To me, this has been phenomenal windfall of ideas and concepts that I would have never thought of.

So, with that, I will thank you for stopping by. I hope that you learned something during your visit and if so, return the favor and write a little article that you believe will help others. If we all take an idea and leave an idea, we're all sure to see the type of life changes we're looking for.

Feel free to send me topics you'd like to see covered, questions you have, gripes, etc. I'll gladly answer as many as my time permits. If you want to submit an article in hopes of helping other readers, that's great too.

Warm Regards,

Jay White

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