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Because exercise is one of those things that we have to deal with sooner or later – like it or not, why not try In this era of high tech, PUSH offers you a way to create, with their experts, a customized workout that fits your life and your personal needs. Then they mail a new workout program and trainer to you every month on DVD.

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PUSH is a new twist on the super-effective but super-expensive world of personal training. PUSH is the only customized personal training DVD program on the planet.

It's also an alternative to sprinting to a yoga class, putting up with a pseudo-celebrity trainer on a generic videotape or changing next to a sweaty, overly friendly stranger at the gym. It's a way to get all the individual attention and expertise of a world-class personal trainer in a way that fits your schedule, your lifestyle and - drum roll, please - your budget.

At, you choose the trainer you like best. You also tell us about your body, your goals and your lifestyle. We use that information to build a fitness program just for you, and every month we send you two totally personalized training sessions. Update your progress at anytime, and we'll adjust your next workout to keep moving you forward. If there's anything that shouldn't be "one size fits all," it's your personal fitness. Everyone is different so it makes sense that everyone should have their own plan.

As you progress through the PUSH system, you'll see and feel significant changes in your body. You'll take the stairs with a bit more spring in your step, grab a few more grocery bags at once, and probably even turn a few more heads when you walk down the street.

With PUSH, the barriers to looking and feeling great are gone, and we're with you every step of the way. Let's face it - we can all use a little PUSH.

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