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Small Can Be Big

Why I am recommending Small Can Be Big:

Because this is an inspiring example of innovation, compassion, leadership and what it means to be a community. I hope that it is an idea that will catch on. There is no limit to what people in community can accomplish, endure and create when they work together. Pass it on!

From the Website: is a new online model for charitable giving designed to help local families on the brink of homelessness by harnessing the power of small, direct donations. The site works with well-regarded Massachusetts charities to identify families in need and provide people who'd like to give a uniquely personal way to help - 100% of every donation goes directly to address a specific expense or urgent bill that gets a family back on their feet, so donors know exactly who they're giving to and how their money makes a difference.

Inspired by Mayor Thomas Menino's belief in finding innovative solutions to community problems, was launched in 2009 by Boathouse Group, Inc. to help address a developing homeless crisis in Massachusetts.

With emergency aid budgets stretched thin and traditional charity models unequipped to deal with the magnitude of the problem, more families than ever before are at risk of becoming homeless. hopes to mobilize a new base of donors at a time when the economy has made things tougher for everyone - for those who need help and for those who want to help.

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