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Have you ever read a good book and then wanted to drop a comment or a question to the author? Maybe you want to find out what other people think about a book that you've just read. Well, now you can do all of that on Red Room, the social network for people who want to talk books with writers or who just want to find out more about the writers they love to read.

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Welcome to Red Room, the online home of the world's greatest writers. Through original, author-generated content, we offer a trustworthy and creative social network unlike any other. Here, you can connect with your favorite authors, access current industry news, and comment on engaging features. By fostering true community between authors and readers, Red Room showcases esteemed writers and inspires the next generation. We also give back to the community we aim to nurture with our commitment to the Causes We Support.

To be in the Red Room is to be part of the conversation.

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