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I love this site because I love to be surrounded by beauty and things that dance with the senses; things that inspire. Shop for jewelry, find items for your home, buy gifts for your friends or just visit the site to get great ideas!

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Welcome to the world of Vivre - a world where life is celebrated. Within this world you will find ideas and inspiration to honor the everyday moments of life, for after all, they are the foundation of a life well-lived... one that is filled with memories of joy, laughter, love and the comfort of family and friends.

My goal with Vivre is to create an experience where you will never fail to discover something new to inspire and delight you. It might be the work of a new artist whose handcrafted pieces will be a treasured addition to your collection... or the perfect, timeless gift that perfectly expresses your appreciation for a special friend... or fabulous jewelry or fashions that help create your signature style... pieces that you will wear again and again, this season and for seasons to come.

Enter the world of Vivre and you will discover a return to the honorable tradition of personal service and respect. It is my hope that in this busy world of high-tech advances, Vivre offers to you an inspiring oasis where your satisfaction is paramount. Should you wish to share your thoughts, desires or Vivre experience, I would be delighted to learn more, for as we grow we look to you, our customers, as our inspiration in return.

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