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Stephon Marbury is making a real difference for young people and their parents by providing quality athletic shoes at an affordable price, proving that it is possible to make a profit without exploitation.

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Athletic Shoes & Starbury

Basketball shoes endorsed by NBA players can fetch astronomical prices. Air Jordans can retail for more than $200, and Kobe Bryant and LeBron James signature shoes can easily go for more than $100 on various web sites.

So how will a $14.98 basketball shoe from NBA All Star Stephon Marbury stack up against the competition? It's hard to tell, but the vision behind the shoes is a great one, and if early sales are any indication, it's a concept that many are finding embraceable.

Available exclusively at Steve and Barry's University Sportswear, the premier item in the Starbury line of shoes and apparel is the Starbury One basketball shoe. The shoes retail for only $14.98, but Marbury claims that the Starbury One basketball shoes are the same as the most expensive shoes on the market.

Whether people are buying the shoes because of their quality; because of the Marbury name; or because they're tired of spending a what Marbury says for many is a "week's worth of groceries" on celebrity sneakers is unclear -- but they are buying them.
-, Desiree Stimpert
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