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Why I am recommending Heifer International:

Because promoting sustainability is an effective approach in the fight against poverty and hunger. Heifer international has created a program that "teaches people how to fish", and empowering them to teach others. They have been recognized around the world for lifting families and communities out of poverty. Learn how you can get involved!

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From the Site:

Finding Global Solutions

Heifer has learned over the years that a holistic approach is necessary in order to build sustainable communities. So we've developed a set of global initiatives - areas of emphasis that must be addressed if we're to meet our mission of ending world hunger and poverty and caring for the earth.


In a world where land is overused, community members need to learn how to protect and rejuvenate their land, water and other natural resources. Heifer helps by teaching environmentally sound agricultural techniques.

Animal Well-Being

Before any Heifer animal is passed along to a project partner, Heifer trains the new recipient in animal management, using our strictly enforced. Animal Welfare Guidelines

Gender Equity

In Heifer's view, gender equity is a social justice and human rights issue that directly leads to ending hunger and poverty. That's why our participants are equal partners in sustainable development projects.


Today, we as a world community, confront AIDS, a virus that in the past 25 years has either infected or killed over 64 million people. It is not only a health issue, as it fractures every sector of society, for Heifer, it is a prominent concern in the arena of sustainable development. This is why Heifer is incorporating HIV/AIDS education in our community training groups.


Heifer provides both "no-interest living loans" in the form of livestock, as well as small monetary loans to help people start and expand businesses that yield big benefits for families.

Urban Agriculture

Heifer is reconnecting city-dwellers with their food sources, building strong alliances and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit among adults and youth through our Urban Agriculture projects.

Young People's Initiative

Heifer weaves youth-focused programs through all our project work and emphasizes young people's needs

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