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Web Sites: Media Storm

Why I am recommending Media Storm:

This is an incredible website. Stories of everyday people from around the world - suffering and celebrating life in the most profound and simply beautiful ways - captured in pictures taken by some of the most talented photojournalist, guaranteed to touch your heart and encourage your spirit. Stunning! Awesome!

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From the Website:

Photojournalist and technological innovator Brian Storm's MediaStorm is an online collaboration of multimedia storytelling from around the globe, incorporating video, audio, photography, and personal essays. For instance, world-renowned photographer Martin Schoeller shoots portraits of the most recognized people of our time, including Angelina Jolie and and welcomes online submissions, but it's a great site for browsing, too.

MediaStorm's principal aim is to usher in the next generation of multimedia storytelling by publishing social documentary projects incorporating photojournalism, interactivity, animation, audio and video for distribution across multiple media. In 2007, MediaStorm won an Emmy for Broadband Documentaries, took first place in both the Best of Photojournalism Contest and Pictures of the Year, and won the Webby Award for the Magazine category.
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