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It began in our loft, a warehouse on Warren Street, in 1996. It grew out of an idea my wife and I had to make bags for women that were neither overly precious nor boring basics. We believed that useful items, in this case handbags, could be both utilitarian and stylish. Soon we realized there was a similar need for men's products. So, as our line of woman's bags grew, we started buying waxwear fabrics and heavy canvases to make a few bags for friends. Over time we received feedback on the function of the bags, made changes, and developed a line of straightforward shapes. Then it occurred to us—why not sell bags to hardware stores and get feedback from people who really use utility bags?

Our first JACK SPADE bag was sold to a hardware store in 1997.

Soon after, I heard about a student at Art Center in Los Angeles who wrote a senior thesis entitled "The History of Carrying." I immediately called and scheduled a meeting with him. He was fascinated by function and science, having received his degree in both fine art and industrial design. He understood the JACK SPADE philosophy and aesthetic and was interested in creating something new. We combined my point-of-view on design with his passion for function and launched Jack in the basement of our New York store in January 1999.

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