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This site is practical. Save time. Save money. Get your money back if the airline lowers the price of your ticket after you buy it. What more could you want?

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Yapta actually stands for "Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant". The whole concept got started when Ryan Allsop, a thrifty traveler from Bellingham WA, asked his brother, Brett, if he knew of an easy way to find out when prices drop on the flights he wanted to take. (Ryan knows what he wants, but he is quite frugal about getting it.) Brett looked into it, found out there was no easy solution for "airfare tracking and alerting," and decided that he could build a software tool to do that for people. Brett called his pals and former colleagues from to join the band: Tom Romary, who had worked as a VP at Alaska Airlines and Fogdog, and software engineer Eric Anderson. Amy Terrell, a program manager from Microsoft and a Bellingham native, jumped in to help. Together they've been working diligently over the last year, along with a talented team of developers, to build a system for getting people great deals on travel.

So, all of us at Yapta are striving to be "Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant" everyday by checking fares, alerting you when they drop, and letting you track them all in one place online.

Yapta continues to track prices even after you buy a ticket. Did you know you could get a refund or travel credit when prices drop after you've bought a ticket? Most people don't.

All of us at Yapta are enthusiastic travelers and we're proud to help our fellow travelers find the best deals and save money for future travel!

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