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This site is a film connoisseurs dream. Browse titles and read reviews of only the most celebrated by some of the most credible critics. But -- only if you are a true movie snob...

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Welcome to! Want to watch the best movies of all time? The goal here is to organize the films that have been strongly recommended by critics and filmmakers, and provide you with a powerful resource for discovering rewarding films.

The bulk of the Films101 database comes from all-time best movie lists and movie awards. New movie releases and new DVD releases are added when picked by selected critics.

The films are ranked in order of acclaim among film professionals, using proprietary formulas. Films101 doesn't believe the exact ranking of films and filmmakers should be taken too seriously. However, approximate rankings are taken very seriously to prioritize research or purchases.

You can browse the database by rank, title, director, year, genre, foreign film releases, or other groupings provided on the films and filmmakers pages. You can also browse the major award lists with a uniform interface.

Each film page indicates who recommended the film, and provides links for movie reviews, home video purchase, DVD rental, and movie downloads when available. Enjoy!
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