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Ever found out about a good book in the middle of the night? Ever wanted to read a good book but you just couldn't find the time? Ever wanted to take a good book with you on a trip but you just didn't have the room to pack not one more thing? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions (and even if you didn't), you need eBooks. eBooks - for when you have to have the book now!

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From the Web: was founded in January 1997 by Stephen Cole, a lifetime bibliophile. The site was launched in September 2000. is building an exciting range of books from specialist and general publishers. There are now tens of thousands of titles available to download from aims to be the pre-eminent eBookstore on the Internet, selling whole books, chapters and pages of books online from the world's leading publishers. eBooks can be purchased and downloaded immediately by customers anywhere in the world at prices that are cheaper than printed books, with no postal charges and no waiting for delivery. provides access to reliable, authorized, published content that has been through the rigorous editorial processes of traditional book publishing and then carefully transcribed into eBook format. provides an additional channel to market for publishers, who now have a global eBookstore that sells their books at little cost to themselves, extending the global reach and shelf lives of their titles.

At you can...

  • Buy and download a whole book.
  • Buy and download part of a book.
  • Search the entire contents of every ebook on our database by key word, title, author, ISBN and category.
  • Browse book descriptions and indexes and see sample text.
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