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Just when you thought that lemonade stands were just for offers a way for you to get paid for recommending things that people will want (kind of like offering someone a cold drink on a hot day), while at the same time building a community of online friends.

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Recommend Stuff. Make Money.

For many of us, setting up a neighborhood lemonade stand was our introduction to entrepreneurship. It taught us life lessons in responsibility, self-reliance and hard work. In a similar way, lemonade inc. enables people to combine commerce and community in the digital neighborhood of their personal online space. Cost-free and easy to use, this is the next generation of the old-fashioned Lemonade Stand concept.

We are also committed to fostering the use of lemonade stands by people who want to raise money to support a good cause. We hope to help you promote the activities that you are passionate about. To do our part, lemonade donates a percentage of our company's revenue to several non-profit organization partners. We hope we can be a small part of creating a better world.

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