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Wine Library TV

Why I am recommending Wine Library TV:

Learn a lot about wine and be thoroughly entertained while you do... This guy is good...

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From the Web:

Gary Vaynerchuk is the Director of Operations at the Wine Library. His passion for wine started at a young age, a mere 17. He started off by reading Robert Parker and the Wine Spectator and has been hooked ever since. Believe it or not Gary is only 30 years of age, despite what the picture/sketch in the Wall Street Journal shows. At such a young age Gary has received a large amount of press and accolades such as being featured in the New York Times and GQ Magazine. In order to expand his horizons, Gary has visited every major wine region in the world. His experience along with his strong personality allows him to be a non-traditionalist in every sense of the word. He focuses on breaking the stereotypes and providing his viewers with a new outlook on wine. Winelibrary Tv is made for every type of wine drinker, and the most important objective in every episode is to have everyone understand his thoughts and descriptions. What excites Gary the most is bringing quality information to those who truly want to learn about wine in a way that no one else can. Gary is passionate about Wine and The New York Jets and it shows! Blah Blah Blah Blah who cares, Gary is a good guy and wants everyone to stop following all the rules and wants to bring wine to EVERYONE and that includes men and women and kids (21 or older) on a budget! Sit back and enjoy this ride!

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