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American Airlines is now charging $15.00 to check your first bag and the other airlines are sure to do the same - soon! Maximize by minimizing. It really has come down to this...

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Simple ... learn as much as possible about three key travel topics.

The successful one-bag traveller knows (in order of importance):

  1. what to pack, avoiding the temptation of lugging around
    too much stuff, plus how (and why) to use a packing list
  2. what to pack it in, understanding what to look for in efficient and effective luggage
  3. how to pack it, particularly the management of clothing so that it doesn't get wrinkled

The main sections of this site cover each of these topics in considerable detail. You'll also find a variety of additional resources, including:

  • contact information for suppliers of specialty items mentioned on these pages
  • a (very) few recommended books on related topics
  • a collection of links to a carefully-chosen assortment of sites that One Bag enthusiasts will likely find interesting
  • my own compilation of travel industry links for airlines, hotels, and rental automobiles, with handy lists of country/airport/airline codes, plus tools for checking real-time flight status and airport delay conditions

There is also a letters page, with representative comments from people who have put these ideas into action, thus offering reassurance that this site isn't merely (or at least, entirely!) the ravings of some geek with a packing fixation.

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