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American Refugee Committee International

Why I am recommending this site:

Every time that I see a story in the news about a people suffering as a result of profound and horrific circumstances beyond their control, I find it hard to do nothing. Please visit this site and find out how you can help. No gesture is too small.

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From the Site:

The American Refugee Committee is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the last 27 years. ARC works with refugee communities in 10 countries around the world, helping people regain control of their lives. The people ARC serves have lost everything to events completely beyond their control. ARC provides shelter, clean water and sanitation, health care, skills training, microcredit education, protection and whatever support we can to let people begin again.

Our Mission

The American Refugee Committee works with refugees, displaced people, and those at risk to help them survive crises and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security and self-sufficiency.
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