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Why I am recommending One Nation:

I saw a story on the news recently about a man who had been caught for the second time boarding an airplane under someone else's name. Each time the story was reported there was an emphasis on the fact that the man was Nigerian. I couldn't help but wonder if he had been from Holland or Switzerland if where he was from would have been emphasized.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...

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About One Nation

One Nation is a philanthropic collaborative that partners with community foundations in cities across America to create locally focused civic engagement programs that connect diverse communities to work with common purpose for the common good. Working together around shared values strengthens the pluralistic and inclusive values of communities by reducing distinctions of "us" and "them" and broadening the sense of "We."

Working to Uphold the Promise of "Liberty and Justice for All"

America's inclusive values and ideals make us stronger as a nation. America is a country propelled forward by a belief in opportunity for everyone no matter culture or creed. It is a place for people of all races, faiths and cultures to come and build a better life, and to give life to innovation and ingenuity that benefits everyone. America's broad social vision of pluralism and inclusion, coupled with the promise of liberty and justice for all, make it possible to fully harness the power of our nation's cultural and religious diversity, which enriches our communities and country as a whole.

One Nation's Founding

George F. Russell Jr., an internationally recognized leader in investment management and financial advisory services, founded One Nation after seeing an increase in negative and prejudicial attitudes toward American Muslims that stemmed from misperceptions following 9/11. One Nation was formed to change misperceptions and reduce prejudicial attitudes toward American Muslims to uphold America's highest ideals of pluralism and inclusion, and the great promise of liberty and justice for all.

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