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People supporting people to help themselves.

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A grassroots movement

Trees for life is a non-profit, people-to-people movement that helps plant fruit trees in developing countries. These trees provide a low-cost, self-renewing source of food for many people and protect the environment.

In this way, Trees for Life demonstrates that in helping each other we can unleash extraordinary power that impacts our lives. Our programs include three elements: education, health, and environment.

Self-help, not handouts

Volunteers in the villages are trained by Trees for Life and provided with essential support for programs that respond to the needs of their communities. Through their own efforts and labor, the villagers reap the benefits. Trees for Life provides hope, not handouts.


Each person thus empowered pledges to help at least two more people.

Since the inception of Trees for Life in 1984, more than 3 million people have helped plant tens of millions of fruit trees in countries like India, Guatemala, Haiti and Brazil.

An adventure for kids

Trees for Life also teaches school children in the United States about the environment, through The Trees for Life Adventure©. This program has provided 2 million students with seeds and instructions for planting their own trees.
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