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Black Hound NY
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From the website:

Black Hound New York has been dedicated to the art and craft of baking and chocolate making since 1988. Our creations reflect our passion for unique flavor combinations, extraordinary taste, and artful presentation.

We use only premium quality, natural ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, pure butter, and freshly roasted nuts to create our wickedly delicious cookies, cakes, savories, chocolates, and other confections.

Everything is prepared by hand in small batches.

The elegant simplicity of our packaging - from beribboned Shaker-style wood boxes lined with tissue paper to wax-sealed tin containers - is the "icing on the cake" that beckons something extraordinary lies inside.

Our web site provides our entire product line available for shipping. Besides the gourmet gifts presented here, we also offer an extensive selection of cakes, individual pastries, cookies, chocolates, savories, and confections on a daily basis at our retail stores. One is at 170 Second Avenue (between 10th and 11th Streets) in New York City. You can call us there at 212 979 9505. You can also find us at The Mall at Short Hills, Short Hills New Jersey. You can call us over there at 973 467 2800.

If you're seeking a deliciously different present for a loved one, a tasteful gift for an important business associate, or a divine indulgence for yourself, a selection from Black Hound New York will provide a rich feast guaranteed to satisfy the senses and elevate the spirit.

"Black Hound is justly famous for its truffles, cakes, tarts, and cookies." -- Food & Wine

"Black Hound raises simple perfection to an art, from preparation to presentation." -- Town & Country

"A chocolate lover's fantasy." -- Zagat New York City Marketplace Survey

"An outstanding selection of truffles, cakes, cookies, and nut products." -- Chocolatier

"Velvety chocolate truffles and exquisite cookies, cakes, and pastries." -- New York Daily News

Click here to visit the Black Hound New York Bakery

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