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I use these products and they are wonderful! The fragrances alone make showering an occasion to look forward to. Lemon Basil, Orange Ginger, Tropic, Apple Lavender - are just a few of my favorite scents, but the Bath Scrub is the must have-

"Our famous "must-have" body scrub has all the exfoliating power of sea salts and all the moisturizing power of Macadamia, almond and soy bean oils."

Leaves your skin fragrant, silky and brand new.

From the Website:

We believe in delivering a message to the future while keeping the best of the past. Our soaps are handmade by using a 70-year old Australian technique and formula. Our natural product line is extensive, but our perspective is focused. We believe that the smallest details are important. Our products are quality controlled and the contents as well as the packaging of our products are made of natural ingredients.

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