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"Raquel Brulé and Eric de Lavandeyra sleep around a lot. Last Tuesday, it was the Ritz-Carlton; on Wednesday, the Four Seasons; and on Thursday, they briefly checked in at the Carlyle before trying out the Hotel on Rivington, a brand spanking new 21-story glass tower on the Lower East Side.

"Eww," Ms. Brulé exclaimed when she collapsed on the bed at the Rivington, having exhausted herself trying on a few too many Carlos Miele party dresses. "This mattress is foam." Mr. de Lavandeyra, her Swiss companion, was busy rooting around in the closets when another cri de coeur was heard. "The robes," he said with disgust. "They're not even terry cloth."

Ah, the perils of luxury travel.

Inspired by the great European travel writers of the 19th century, Ms. Brulé and Mr. de Lavandeyra have spent the last year and a half exploring cities around the world for Carnet, an Internet-based travel guide.

The idea for Carnet was hatched after Ms. Brulé spent time in Paris and found many of the standard guidebook recommendations lacking style, grace and good service. Their guide ( is backed by "international investors," they said, and costs $50 for a two-year subscription per city."

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