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It just seems to me that lending a hand in a community in need is a great way to take some time off. It's also a great way to make new friends, great memories and a real difference in someone else's life!

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The chance to give something back, an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge, to meet other travellers or simply to meet the locals...

There are many reasons to volunteer while you're travelling and there are literally thousands of charities and organisations that look for help from passing travellers.

We seek to promote the incredible work being done by grass-roots organizations and NGOs worldwide, and to connect you with volunteer programs and opportunities that make travel matter.

All of the orgs and experiences you'll find here are recommended to us firsthand through our community at Matador, where you can search the profiles of organizations around the world, get quick info or give financial support, and add new listings as well.

Matador Volunteer is part of the Matador Network, which includes Matador Trips, Matador Nights, The Traveler's Notebook, and Brave New Traveler.

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