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Pete Croyle's Mallows are a delicious treat and a sophisticated way to enjoy a childhood favorite. Try them on your next S'more...

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As a young child, Peter would regularly stand at the side of his grandmother's apron assisting her in making her delicious, homemade marshmallows. As an adult, he was often disappointed in the texture and tastes of what store bought marshmallows had become.

When Peter's son turned four, Peter's memories of cooking marshmallows and candies with his grandmother were reawakened. He found himself drawn to the kitchen to recreate the same tastes and experiences he delighted in as a child for his son and daughter. After hundreds of batches, Peter perfected his grandmother's famous marshmallow recipe. His son, Ethan, was enchanted by the marshmallows and together they began to create stories about a little boy named Marshall Mallow who lived in a land where marshmallows grow on trees. One day, while picking mallow's, Marshall hoped to pick strawberry and lemon mallows from the tree. And naturally flavored mallows were born. It was just a matter of time before Marshall's mallows dipped into the caramel river and immersed themselves under a waterfall of luscious dark chocolate...

We are a gourmet confections company based in Southern Oregon. Founded by Peter and Jennifer Croyle in 2002. Privately owned and operated . We specialize in unique gourmet flavored marshmallows, artisan chocolates, old fashion candies and caramels. All made with lots of care. Our marshmallows are made in small batches and hand-cut to size or formed into shapes by our crafty confectioners. We pride ourselves in the delicious flavors, wonderful presentation and quality we create with our products.

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