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There is a crisis in Somalia. People are in desperate need of help. Please consider giving.

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Like a wildfire that has been smoldering for months, the crisis in the Horn of Africa is now raging, impacting more than 10 million people and spreading through three countries. The worst drought in 60 years – fueled by skyrocketing food prices (up 117% in some areas), conflict and limited humanitarian access – has brought the region to the brink of famine.

Water is scarce. Acute malnutrition is evident in many children and adults. Animals are dying at a rate 40 to 60 percent above normal in communities that depend entirely on livestock to survive. The hard, cracked ground produces nothing for them to graze.

World Concern has worked in Eastern Kenya and Somalia for many years. We’re responding to this crisis with life saving aid – water, food, emergency supplies and more.

Increasing numbers of refugees from Somalia are crossing the border into Kenya – up to 2,000 a day in some places. Refugee camps are overflowing, with tens of thousands of people living outside the camps with no access to clean water or sanitation.

The forecast is bleak. August is expected to be dry. We need your help to respond to this crisis. Please donate today to help save lives.

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