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I love being transported to somewhere else by a good film but, I am often frustrated by the lack of accessibility of the good films. Film Movement will keep you informed about great award winning films from around the world and will make those movies available to members - sometimes even before the movie is released.

From the Website:


Film Movement is a full-service North American distributor of critically acclaimed award-winning independent and foreign films. Film Movement has released films from 25 countries and six continents, including top prize winners from Sundance, Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca and many other prestigious film festivals. Through partnerships with theaters, TV networks, wholesalers, retailers, institutions, and a first of its kind subscription service, Film Movement is able to get the films it distributes the audience they deserve.

Mission Statement

Why did we launch Film Movement? As fans of independent and foreign cinema, we had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of access to the year's most critically acclaimed films. We kept reading about films from the major film festivals, such as Cannes and Sundance that A.O. Scott or Roger Ebert raved about, that would not be coming to a theater near you.

Film choices are dictated to us by a smaller and smaller group of major studios, which decide to release films based mostly on their star quotient and "marketability". Many of the films that we want to see get squeezed out of theaters by Hollywood blockbusters and face skyrocketing marketing costs that make it daunting -- if not impossible -- to reach appreciative audiences.

We created Film Movement because the system of releasing independent, foreign and documentary films needed to be changed. We believed that the only way to change the system was to reach out to film fans directly.

At its heart, Film Movement is a grassroots direct-to-consumer company with a dedication to getting great films seen by as many people as possible, and providing intelligent, beautiful and compelling art to an ever-growing community of consumers who want more than the standard Hollywood fare.

By supporting Film Movement, you are directly supporting independent and foreign film. This is our mission. We hope that you will join us.

Film Movement

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