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Why I am recommending ê Shave:

Because my husband uses ê Shave products and gets the most marvelous shaves! Because their products feel great on the skin and smell wonderful!

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From the website:

ê Shave is a collection of sophisticated shaving essentials defined by their unique style and unparalleled luxury. ê Shave products are d hand- sculpted with a contemporary design. Their shaving tools are aesthetically-pleasing and have modernized the wet-shaving tradition.

Developed to bring superior performance and elegance to the daily ritual of shaving, ê Shave is unique in its formulations and artistry. ê Shave continues to design the handmade, sculpted razors, badger brushes and shave stands themselves. ê Shave's collection of luxurious shave soaps, oils, and creams are all developed to certain specifications, ensuring unparalleled results and premium quality. To this day, ê Shave is the only company that hand-sculpts its own fashionable, modern, artistic designs to appeal to the tastes of aesthetically discriminating and design conscious women and men.

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