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Open Course Ware

Why I am recommending Open Course Ware:

First of all, this site really is too good to be true! The opportunity to study at MIT without leaving home - I mean, how can you beat that? Yes you can. It's free. Browse the class list, pick a subject or two then sit back, relax, and take advantage of all of that brain power.

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From the Site:

The goal of advancing education around the world is shared by the MIT Faculty. Indeed, we owe the existence of OpenCourseWare to the foresight, dedication, and generosity of our faculty. In the year 2000, a faculty committee first proposed this bold and innovative idea, and since then, the vast majority of our faculty-over 90%-have voluntarily contributed their teaching materials for free and open publishing on OCW. MIT faculty are passionate about their teaching, and they are keen to see their work benefit global society.

We do not yet know the full potential of OCW and its ultimate impact on global education. But it is clear to us that by thinking of knowledge as a public good for the benefit of all, and acting on this philosophy through OpenCourseWare, we can make a difference. We know from our evaluation research and from many thousands of user feedback emails that OCW is improving education and bringing new opportunities to people everywhere. We expect this impact will continue to grow in ways we have already seen and in ways we have not yet imagined.

There is no limit to the power of the mind. We encourage you to use OCW-learn from it and build on it. Find new ways not only to pursue your personal academic interests, but to use the knowledge that you gain-and that you create-to make our world a better place. In the spirit of open sharing, we also encourage you to share your scholarship with others, as over 150 other universities are already doing through their own OCWs.

We have been astounded and deeply gratified by the worldwide response to OCW. We thank you for being part of the worldwide community of educators and learners who are demonstrating the power of unlocking knowledge.
-Susan Hockfield, President of MIT

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