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A Running offers the opportunity to give a little to help children and young people in a very BIG way!

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About A Running Start

Formed in 2004, A Running Start is a non-profit corporation dedicated to using the power of sports to improve the lives of young East Africans. This region, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, is impoverished yet rich in athletics talent. Our mission is to harness this talent in order to allow more East Africans to earn a living and/or a university education from their athletic gift and to leverage sports to inspire and assist local teenagers and children.

We sponsor five of the top youth training camps in East Africa, which house, feed and/or coach about 150 of the most talented young runners in the world, including three of the top 10-ranked distance runners in the world. We also help talented student/athletes secure full athletic scholarships to the United States, fund competitive events throughout East Africa, donate shoes and equipment to impoverished young athletes and donate to primary and secondary schools located in remote talent-rich regions. A Running Start is managed by Karl Keirstead of New York City.

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