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Why I am recommending FrenchPodClass:

This site is just another great example of how the world is more available to us than ever before!

The French Pod Class offers an easy going way to learn French and develop a community with others who want to do the same. And Sebastien makes everyone, at whatever level, always feel welcome!

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From the Site:

My name is Sebastien.

The FrenchPodClass started because I was looking to improve my Spanish. I was looking for a class or else that was available in iTunes. By curiosity I looked to see if there were any in French. As many of you know, at that time, there were none.

That is when I decided to make one myself. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with people. I assumed that there would be at least one or two people that would be interested - I never dreamed that I would have you, the 40,000 listeners that download the podcast every week!

There is no necessary language level to follow this podcast. I try to make it interesting for everyone (the advanced, the beginner, the curious ...). I also try to make it accessible, so anyone can join at any point in the course.

The first podcast aired on July 14th, 2005. I was ready long before that date, but was waiting, so I could start officially on Bastille Day! From the original prodcast, Productions has grown to incorporate two other projects: the FrenchLearningCenter (more materials to help you learn or discover the French language) and FranceWithSebastien (a "travel" podcast) there is also a Forum, a blog and many more tools to help you discover both the French language and the French culture.

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