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Bring Your Own Bag

Why I am recommending Bring Your Own Bag:

Investing in reusable bags is a smart, responsible and easy habit to get into. Make it fashionable to care about the environment! BYOB!

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From the Site:

Plastic bags pollute, Bringing Your Own Bag is the solution.


After noticing a serious lack in choices on the market for an alternative to the single use plastic bag, Jenny Hughes and Elizabeth Clark decided to do something about it and started Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB), a business dedicated to offering eco-chic reusable cloth shopping bags. BYOB is a Vancouver based partnership inspired by a passion for fashion and sustainability.

BYOB bags are sustainable, stylish, and carry a message. Quotes such as "We do not own the Earth, we borrow it from our children" and anti-plastic messages like "F@*K Plastic!" adorn the unique bags. Our product mission is to provide people with the best selection of reusable shopping bags that combine fashion, style, quality, and awareness.



There is an overwhelming use of plastic bags littering the earth and bringing your own bag is the immediate solution.

Click here to visit Bring Your Own Bag

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