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Electroglyph Why I am recommending Electroglyph:

The Internet is becoming increasingly more relevant to our everyday lives. Everyday we are experiencing an explosion of information and opportunity online. The possibilities are endless. Chances are you may have considered creating a website of your own or upgrading a site that you already have. If so, you will want to check out Electroglyph. Paul Moment is the senior designer and his brilliance and attention to detail are very unique. And his team is unrivaled.
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From the web site:

Electroglyph is Paul Moment, a freelancer committed to creating beauty and function by design in print, motion graphics, and on the Web. My mission is summed up by my tagline: "Beauty Communicates."

If you're looking for a designer that will deliver the essence of YOU -- your mission, your message, your unique approach to your work -- to your audience in a compelling and memorable way, you've come to the right place. My philosophy is that functional design is great, but beautiful and functional design is unstoppable.

My approach of creating beautiful and unique design gives your organization that extra "something" -- a sense of delight and pleasure that connects your audience to your mission or product in a deeper, more human way. Whether you are a non-profit or a selling widgets, that sense of connection is invaluable because it helps create loyalty, a sense of ownership and a feeling of credibility -- all of which are essential for any organization to attract and retain an audience.

Your job is to sell your products/services; my job is to sell YOU.

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