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Beautiful pictures that jump off the page and stories in search of a thoughtful audience, is what you will consistently find on this site. If you are someone who appreciates learning about important stories in depth, then you are someone who will visit zReportage often.

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Mission Statement

In this age of mass media and instantaneous communication, little room is left for investigative photojournalism and in-depth coverage of issues. Meaningful stories are reduced to sound bites. Tragedies in our backyards remain unreported. Images are pieced together out of context, mitigating the work photojournalists put into their story.

Our mission is to fill the void with comprehensive coverage of stories that need to be told. Each story is licensed as a package to encourage editors to run complete bodies of work, which preserves the photographer's vision.

Features on zReportage are selected and chosen for photographic and journalistic excellence. New essays will debut on zReportage on Tuesdays, unless none make the cut.

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