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Why I am recommending We Are What We Do:

Because doing something, no matter how small, feels a whole lot better than doing nothing at all...

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From the Web:

Who are we?

We're not another charity. We're not an institution. We Are What We Do is a movement. Our aim is to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. Whoever they are. And wherever they are. And that includes you.

We live by the maxim small actions X lots of people = big change. It's not rocket science but it does work!

We started back in 2004 by bringing together 100 simple, everyday actions that can improve our environment, our health, and our communities and make our planet and the people on it much happier. We believe that if enough of us do these actions we will start to make an impact on some of the biggest problems we are all facing. And in joining together in this way, we will create a new community of like-minded "do-ers"; people united by a belief in the possibility of change and our individual responsibility in making it happen.

We began by putting the 100 actions into books - Change the World for a Fiver and Change the World 9 to 5 - but the books quickly burst their bindings and so far have sold nearly one million copies worldwide. Today we are books, bags, campaigns, education programmes, community development, public speaking, newsletters, more than one million actions pledged on this website, partnerships with a huge range of different organisations and a growing on-line community to which we hope to shortly add you!

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