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If you like to find out what other people -- the experts -- are saying about a movie, book, music or television show before you make up your own mind anyway, then this is a good resource for you.

Metacritic summarizes all of those opinions in one convenient place. It's new and exciting! It's One-Stop-Criticism.

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From the Website:

What began as a simple idea back in the summer of 1999--to both provide access to and summarize the vast amount of entertainment criticism available online--has evolved into one of the Web's best resources for critical information about film, video, music, games, books and television.

That original idea quickly gave birth to a company, which then (not as quickly) gave birth to a website,, which officially launched in January, 2001. has continued to evolve since its launch, constantly adding to its ever-growing database of reviews, launching a wireless version of the site. achieves its stated mission--helping consumers make an informed decision about how to spend their money on entertainment--by providing access to thousands of reviews in a number of entertainment genres. We feel strongly that multiple opinions are better than one, and also that the presentation of these critical opinions must be done in a concise, organized and easy-to-understand manner in order for them to be useful. We also encourage our users to dig deeper on matters that interest them by providing links to full reviews whenever possible. Finally, we believe firmly in providing a pleasant, popup-free user experience for our visitors.

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