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I am a firm believer that it is powerful to dance to the beat of your own drum. "Cookie cutter" anything simply bores me to tears. Like your fingerprint, your sense of style should be your very own. Moda-Mia creates designs that are as fresh as they are unique.

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Moda-Mia is for those who make uniqueness a priority-for whom the phrase "make it your own" strikes a cord. An Italian triple-entendre for my fashion, my style and my way, moda mia expresses individuality. I have always admired the energy and fresh ideas of up-and-coming designers. I am drawn to their creativity. In my efforts to find special pieces to make an ensemble or room my own, I've found that new designers offer the most exceptional wares. Unfortunately, the lack of retail support for such designers and artists make their work difficult to find.

The concept of Moda-Mia is to increase the availability of amazing designs from tomorrow's hottest designers.

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