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Why I am recommending Life Tips:

Because, not only do they provide users with valuable information from some of the most relevant experts around, they built an effective organization the old fashioned way - from the ground up. And, because they are innovators!

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From the Web:

The year was 2000. The web was young, and LifeTips was born, the brainchild of our founder, Byron White. Our mission was-and still is-to make life better, easier and more fun. Coincidentally, LifeTips was founded at about the same time as But they had big-time financing; we didn't. We didn't have the budget to grow through advertising, so we grew organically.

Within months of launch, attracted thousands of readers and dozens of writers interested in publishing tips and advice. To generate revenue, we decided to invite an exclusive sponsor for each niche topic in our network, and we signed up major clients like Circuit City, Chase, H&R Block, Petco and hundreds more.

By 2004, our organic success in the search engines was so strong that our exclusive sponsors started asking us to help them grow organically. We did just that, launching Tip and Advice Centers on our clients' websites that help them drive traffic from the search engines.

By 2006 we expanded our writing services to include tips, articles, eBooks, newsletters, blogs and on-demand book publishing services. And we expanded our staff to include SEO specialists, web designers, optimizers, engineers, project managers and other experts.

In 2008, we wanted to take our exclusive program-and our clients' businesses-to the next level. Once again, we did just that. We added a new secret SEO weapon to the Exclusive Program-WordVision. In seconds, it guides writers to the hot topics and keywords. In minutes, it does the work that would take the smartest SEO manager days or weeks.

Quality content, content that attracts readers and keeps them coming back, is the centerpiece for everything we do at LifeTips. Our success has attracted the web's largest pool of expert writers. And WriterAccess - yet another LifeTips startup-will quickly become the web's best source to connect you directly with proven, published, SEO-savvy writers with the talent you need to grow your online business.

LifeTips continues to be "the place to go when you need to know" for millions of readers. We also host the LifeTips radio show on WebmasterRadio.FM, actively train and recruit Gurus, publish books for our Gurus as a free service and host the LifeTips Blog for fans and clients.

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