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Kevin Lynn

The most memorable moments in my life are ones that seem to have almost slipped by......were almost overlooked, but upon closer examination were so engaging that they are all that I remember about that place in time, that day, that look, that emotion... These moments are what I seek to discover in my photographs. -- Kevin

A photographer for almost two decades, Kevin's work is informed by a youth growing up in a western ranching community. Horses, cattle, rodeo, a "Western way of life" were all important elements of his youth. His love for Photography began in the movies of the early masters of Black and White Film... Ford, Huston, Fellini ...and later the stills of Weston, Horst, Parkinson and Penn. Shooting in New York led to Producing, Editing and Directing the Feature Film "One Way Out".

Kevin continues to shoot photos of some of California's most beautiful wine vineyards for a major California Winery.

He lives in New Jersey with his wife Olympia and their son John Michael.
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Kevin Shares

by Kevin Lynn

Kevin Lynn an inspiring example of living the life of your dreams no matter what life throws your way. He is a fighter who does not understand what it means to quit or give in. Kevin is a devoted husband and a wonderful father and I am proud to call him my friend.


Sometimes our lives seem to be one big self help ad campaign. Every metaphor one can think of is thrown at us like cannon fodder in some medieval play... if you need this, do this... if you want this... do that. If your stricken with that, call this number, yadda, yadda, yadda...

What they all seem to have in common to me is a lack of self commitment. The idea that someone else has the answer... that someone else has the cure... Overlooks a basic truth...

You are the answer... You have what it takes within you to overcome what ever obstacle you may encounter in you life... Commitment.

Summer's Gift

"Summer's Gift"

The Prize

"The Prize"

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I am surrounded by examples of this truth... let me explain:

In the mid fifties a young mother of two small is diagnosed with TB, literally hauled away in an ambulance to a Tuberculin ward where she is given small chances for survival. When told the only hope was to be used as a guinea pig for an experimental group of drugs, she does not hesitate. Every day as she takes the drugs she imagines the tumor getting smaller....she has too much to live for...her husband...two children. After six months of this treatment she is told the drugs were not working on the test animals or any of the other subjects. She refused to believe it was true in her case. She demanded they X-ray her {these were the early days of very dirty x-rays...} when the results came back the Doctors were amazed the tumor had shrunk so dramatically. They scheduled her for surgery....removed her right lung. She made a full recovery. The other women in her ward all died. When asked how to explain why the drugs worked on her and not anyone else....her answer was that she didn't have a choice but to live..every day when she took those pills she saw the tumor getting smaller and her family together....she was committed. The other women in that ward were allowing themselves to be treated...someone/something else was going to take care of them....they were not committed.

Many years later another young woman is in a hospital room waiting for the results of a breast exam. Her Husband and young Son are with her.

This is not the first time she has gone though this procedure. Having many lumps over the years and being very good at having her mammograms and ongoing self exams it had almost become old hat... But this time, it was different... this one didn't hurt. It was undetected by her last mammogram but discovered during a self exam. Like a scene out of a bad soap opera, the nurse walks over to the young boy and offers to take him across the room for cookies. The doctor wants to section the mass right away...the news is not good...stage two Breast Cancer.

Not an ounce of self pity, not a second of hesitation... too many things to live for... Surgery four days later. Back at work a week later {in NYC with a 1 1/2 hour commute each way} six months of Chemo followed by eight weeks of radiation. In the middle of Chemo, working in NYC... during 9/11. One day at a time, sometimes five, ten minutes at a time... Not once considering any other choice... Committed. Five years later, that little boy is a freshman in high school... his mom is Cancer free...

When I am confronted with challenges in my life, I have to look no farther than my mother, Johnnie Lynn and my wife, Olympia Lynn for examples of commitment.

I am inspired daily...

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